THE PROBLEM: Water wastage is a critical matter in South Africa. According to the World Health Organization, South Africa’s water consumption will exceed availability by 2025. That’s only 10 years away! enter  

go fast essays online for sale THE INSIGHT: A leaking toilet can waste up to 700 liters of water per day (equivalent to seven bath tubs). When you think about how many homes have leaking toilets in South Africa, the daily water wastage from leaking toilets becomes exponential.

go to link source url If 70% of water lost by a leaking toilet is preserved, we can satisfy the water needs of 10-25 South Africans per week. (According to the UN, the average person requires 10-15 liters of water per week to survive.)

follow url should students have to wear uniforms essay admission essay watch THE CHALLENGE: How might we make toilets waste less water?

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see THE SOLUTION: Introducing the “leakless valve”: a water-saving technology that saves 70% of water lost through toilet leaks, as well as 70% of the cost of paying for water wastage. The leakless valve is a water-control mechanism that regulates the inflow and outflow of water in a toilet. It is patented, easy to use, and applicable to all income levels.

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thesis paper on civil engineering THE IMPACT: The leakless valve is a push to preserve South Africa’s precious water resources and make national water consumption more sustainable. Additionally, for every million toilets installed with a leakless valve, Lesolang’s company can employ 400 South Africans, enhance the hygiene practices of 4 million people, and save 72 billion gallons of water per year (equivalent to 10,000 olympic swimming pools). The leakless valve is a multinational award winning technology, including the SAB Foundation Innovative Social Entrepreneurship Award.

source site click here THE INNOVATOR: Paseka Lesolang, CEO and Founder of WHC. Watch Paseka’s inspiring video or visit their website. source  

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