statistic homework help THE PROBLEM: The planet is suffering from industrialization as each country’s carbon footprint increases rapidly every year. Also, specifically in South Africa, massive unemployment and malnutrition is rampant in poor communities THE CHALLENGE: Many people do not know enough about healthy foods, how to grow their food, or the importance of nutrition and composting. four paragraph essay outline  

source site THE INSIGHT: Through growing produce, you can produce healthier foods, teach about nutrition, and reduce the communities carbon footprint all at once.


source url THE SOLUTION: Team Greenhouse has created a food production project in a previously unused greenhouse. The greenhouse serves many purposes. First, TGH is growing healthy food to promote balanced diets. Second, TGH aims to teach students how to grow their own food in order to spread this knowledge through the community. Third, TGH is transforming waste from their school’s kitchen into compost using the Bokashi fermentation method. Lastly, TGH is selling the excess vegetables grown to raise money for school resources.  

go site THE IMPACT: TGH is reducing its schools carbon footprint and helping students lead healthier lives. THE INNOVATORS: Chang Lin Dirks, Chante Stemmet, Shanovia Keys

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how to write an advertisement essay PROGRESS: The greenhouse is in amazing shape and is full of healthy vegetables. They have already begun making some money from selling vegie boxes.

“In my experience, in Africa there is space for innovation. And you don’t have to look far, especially when you are at a disadvantage. Look around you. You might be experiencing a problem that is a need in the community.” – Sizwe Nzima, founder of Iyeza Express in Khayelitsha, South Africa.

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