buy viagra tablets online THE PROBLEM: Sanitation issues in rural areas are often a result of a scarcity of water, disease, and environmental limitations. Additionally, there are over 2 million households lacking access to proper sanitation access in South Africa.

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go to link THE INSIGHT: What if a toilet could be created that can operate hygienically without running water or electricity?

source lubenica viagra THE SOLUTION: SavvyLoo is a toilet for rural areas designed to separate liquids from solids using solar heat and dehydration, which eliminates harmful pathogens. It is low-cost and does not rely on external energy sources.

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watch THE IMPACT: While still in its funding phase, SavvyLoo could preserve the health of the local environment and groundwater, provide a dignified space to use the bathroom for thousands of individuals, and prevent numerous types of diseases from spreading in rural communties.


watch THE INNOVATOR(S): Dudley Jackson


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