watch viagra vision effects THE PROBLEM: The PRESS girls noticed that their friends were frustrated because of a lack of access to basic goods, such as toiletries, in their school hostel. Some of the girls couldn’t afford some of these goods. At times this leads to girls having no access to sanitary pads which can cause them to miss class.

meldonium price THE INSIGHT: What if the girls who could not afford to pay for goods could earn them in another way?

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viagra car see THE CHALLENGE: Create a means for all girls in the hostel to have access to basic goods with some girls not having to pay for it with cash.

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follow site THE SOLUTION: PRESS is a store that provides basic goods to girls in the hostel, with a difference. It has an online component with a point system. Girls who cannot afford to buy goods can work for the business and earn points which they can redeem for items. The system even allows students to order goods online and have them delivered. The goal is to use the profits to sponsor sanitary pads for girls in low income areas.

viagra jelly erfahrung THE IMPACT:  The girls have set up their online store and piloted selling goods in their hostel. They will launch a fully functional store in 2016.

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enter viagra time before ACHIEVEMENTS: Overall winners for 2015.