THE PROBLEM: When fires start in informal settlements, they cause serious damage. A fire in one shack quickly moves to others nearby.


THE INSIGHT: Most fire alarms are smoke detectors. But think about it… where there is smoke there is fire…. but maybe also just a stove. But you can also detect a fire, by detecting heat.


THE CHALLENGE: How might we detect fires when they start and put them out quickly enough to stop them spreading and causing vast damage?


THE SOLUTION: The Lumkani device is a fire detector that uses heat detection technology to detect fires, instead of smoke detection. When it detects a fire, it beeps and alerts the people inside the shack. Each device is also linked to the devices nearby, so if a fire starts, the neighbours’ devices start beeping and the community can all help put out the fire.


THE IMPACT: Lumkani buys time for the community to put out a fire when it starts, and stop it spreading further. Because of Lumkani thousands of people will not lose their homes, valuables, and even lives.


THE INNOVATORS: Lumkani started as a university Engineering project and grew from there. The team is young, and motivated to solve South Africa’s problems. Learn more here


“Even if we think we are powerless, we are not. We have everything we need to solve problems.” #changetheworld


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