THE PROBLEM: FouFou, a popular West African dish, requires the pounding of yams, often by mortar and pestle. Preparation duties often fall upon women, limiting their productive output for the day and resulting in wear on the body.

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go follow THE CHALLENGE: How can the dish be prepared in a way that is kinder to women’s bodies and time?

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enter THE INSIGHT: Automating the process of grinding yams with a machine eliminates the need for manual labor. viagra zakup online  

generic viagra what is it THE SOLUTION: FouFouMix Machine hygenically prepares the ingredients for FouFou in less than 8 minutes. This machine frees up a women from spending hours preparing meals for her family.

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viagra inflammation THE IMPACT: While still in the prototype phase, FouFouMix Machine has the potential to impact thousands of women’s lives in West Africa, freeing up their time and reducing stress load on their bodies.

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follow link THE INNOVATOR(S): Logou Minsob of Togo


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