help with essays THE PROBLEM: There is limited access to clean water in rural areas and townships of South Africa.

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source link THE CHALLENGE: In poor areas, there are few water taps meaning people have to travel long distances to fetch water. The tap-water system is unreliable, as sometimes the taps are off or the water is not clean, which can lead to the spread of water-borne diseases like cholera or typhoid. The only other alternative right now is to buy a water tank but these are beyond most people’s financial means.


by cormac essay horse mccarthy online pretty THE INSIGHT: If we create a system that harnesses rainwater and uses inexpensive materials, then households can have individual water supplies.


see url THE SOLUTION: BRainStorm designed a system that collects rainwater to be purified, using solar heating and slow sand filters, to provide households with suitable drinking water. Rainwater is collected on the roof through several pipes that feed into buckets, or alternatively sourced from nearby rivers. If the water needs to be purified their low cost water filters are used. These can be placed at strategic places within communities to ensure the distribution of clean water for all.


enter site THE IMPACT: BRainStorm has developed a way to provide South African communities with clean drinking water, using a low-cost method of purification. They hope to sell this idea to the Department of Water and Forestry, and transform water supplies in South Africa forever.


follow url summer information writing template THE INNOVATORS: Anda Mchaku, Zimingonaphakade Sigenu, Linda Bathembu, Ludwe Makabeni, Xolisa Mzini, Sibonisiwe Nawenze

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persuasive essay online organizer PROGRESS: The team has developed successful prototypes of the solar heating and slow sand filters. They have also begun discussions with a local packaging company to partner with for distributing their purified water.

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