see url We’ve collected inspiring stories of South African and African entrepreneurs from all walks of life who have taken matters into their own hands and developed innovative and effective solutions to community problems. From promoting education and sanitation to women’s health, these individuals are making a difference in their communities: will you be next?


The Tutu Tester Van by Innovate The Cape | May 6, 2015 | Inspiring Stories | 0 Comments

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follow THE PROBLEM: Stigma surrounding HIV in South Africa often prevents individuals from seeking HIV testing.   THE CHALLENGE: It is very difficult to treat for and prevent HIV if an individual does not know his or her status. Stigma surrounding this disease prevents...

Transport Revolution

pillhouse by Innovate The Cape | Apr 30, 2015 | Inspiring Stories | 0 Comments

go here THE PROBLEM: The majority of people travelling from Khayelitsha and other townships use the train because it is cheap and affordable. But, the trains are not safe, are often delayed, have long ticket queues, and can have a shortage of paper for printing tickets....