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Innovate the Cape invites high school learners to think of the challenges they see in their communities and dream of solutions to them. Teams of 2-5 learners  join the online membership and submit application forms with a proposed challenge and potential solutions. These proposals are marked and given feedback from an international judging panel. A group of finalists is selected to receive up to R2,500 to give their idea a first shot. They also receive mentorship, training workshops and advice from an international community of advisors to help them make their ideas a reality. The top finalists receive further support and R2,500 in funding. The overall winners receive R10,000 and long term mentorship to implement their idea.

Innovate the Cape is a platform that provides you with all you need to get started as a social innovator. Provided you have the passion to do so, anyone can change the world. What you can expect if your proposal is accepted:

watch Option 1 – Online application form

  1. Register your team and fill out the application form
  2.  Submit the final application for review by 30 June 2017

go here Option 2 – Hard copy application

  1. Download Innovate the Cape 2017 – Application Form
  2. When complete email to apply@innovatethecape.org by 30 June 2017

Submission Criteria


Impact What is the potential impact of your project on your community?
Time You need to develop your project within 5 weeks
Cost Can you create something with a maximum of R2,500?
Capacity Does your group have the necessary skill to roll this idea out? Remember, you will receive help from our mentors.
Sustainability Is it socially uplifting, environmentally friendly and economical?
Appropriateness Does your idea solve a specific problem, that targets a ‘pressing’ issue South Africans face? For example, we would prefer an idea on heating water for cooking over an idea on heating a swimming pool for winter.


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