2016 Applications are closed.

How to apply

Apply with the online application form

OR: Download an application form below and email the completed form to apply@innovatethecape.org.

Innovate the Cape 2016 – Application Form

Application questions

Note that you will need to fill in the online application form in one session. To prepare for filling out the form we recommend that you work through the following questions:

  1. Challenge What is the challenge/problem that your team is trying to solve? Include statistics if relevant. (max 150 words)
  2. Proposed Solution How are you planning to solve this challenge? Describe your solution in detail. (max 200 words)
  3. How is your solution innovative? How is your solution different to what has been done before? (60 words)
  4. Plan of Action What steps are you planning on taking to make this project a reality? Give a timeline (the first phase is 5 weeks long). (max 200 words)
  5. Budget Provide a detailed breakdown of your budget. E.g. tools, materials, internet data, transport, labour. (Note: ITC provides a maximum of R2,500 for the first phase)
  6. Other materials (*optional, but recommended to aid your application) Attach additional information such as drawings, illustrations, pictures, etc. to further clarify the concepts and ideas presented in your application.

You will also need the following:

  1. A team name
  2. Category of your project (Environment, Education, Energy, Health or Other)
  3. Personal information of all team members and a supervisor
  4. School information

Proposal guidelines and hints

Click here for guidelines on applying: ITC application guide.

  1. Illustrations and drawings are encouraged.
  2. Proposals can either be typed up or written by hand. If proposal is written by hand, ensure that the writing is legible.
  3. Keep the budgets realistic and focus on what is strictly necessary.

What apply to Innovate the Cape?

Innovate the Cape is a high school innovation challenge, which gives you the opportunity to solve a challenge in your community in a new way and become a change agent. Up to 8 groups are selected as finalists in the first round.

  • You stand the chance to win up to R15,000 in funding for your project
  • Receive expert advice and mentorship
  • Learn about innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Join a community of innovators
  • Receive exciting travel opportunities

 Submission Criteria

Impact What is the potential impact of your project on your community?
Time You need to develop your project within 5 weeks
Cost Can you create something with a maximum of R2,500?
Capacity Does your group have the necessary skill to roll this idea out? Remember, you will receive help from our mentors.
Sustainability Is it socially uplifting, environmentally friendly and economical?
Appropriateness Does your idea solve a specific problem, that targets a ‘pressing’ issue South Africans face? For example, we would prefer an idea on heating water for cooking over an idea on heating a swimming pool for winter.

For more ideas, get inspired here.


Official Rules

  1. Full proposals are due 8 August 2016.
  2. The challenge is open to all high school students in Cape Town.
  3. Students must apply in teams of 2-5 (team members can be from different schools)
  4. Project proposals must be in English


Email us at info@innovatethecape.org for any queries.

See our Frequently Asked Questions.